Tourist tips

Places worth the effort to visit.

A gorgeous coastal city with history, museums (Picasso), Roman excavations, the cathedral, culture, nice restaurants and shopping. Discover Malaga with a guide. Join in the rythm of the Malaguenos and enjoy at a leisurely pace from all the sights. Malaga furthermore has beautiful places, gardens and parks. Also the two covered market halls in the centre belong to the attractions of Malaga, both in themselves wonderful and with their own style.

This city is well known for its harbor and beautiful white houses and is definitely worth a visit. Children can have fun in the Tivoli World park.

It is not a beautiful place because of its historical center or point of interest, but a wonderful compromise for a nice day! You can entertain yourselve with eating tapas, shopping in the many shops in and outside the center, enjoy the beaches or the view after the ascent of the ” El Castilo”. Here you find the old ruin of the castle where
in the summertime many activities such as concerts, theater and lively markets are organized.

Charming white and blue town on the hills above the Costa del Sol. Don’t miss it.

One of the oldest cities in Southern Spain. The city is built on a strategic location at the edge of a fertile valley. The Rio Guadalevine has carved a deep canyon in the soft rock. The city formed on both sides of the steep gorge and both parts were connected in the 18th century by the impressive Puente Nuevo. Definitely worth a visit.

The place of birth of the famous Spanish dance- and music style called flamenco. Visit the largest Gothic meetinghouse in the world, the Cathedral of Sevilla, and the open-air museum  (free admission) full of historical monuments.

This historical city in Andalusia is the warmest place in Europe. An average temperature of continuous 35 degrees Celcius. Here you find the second largest mosque in the world, The Mezquita. This mosque was the inspiration for many architects of other Spanish mosque buildings.  Its city centre is the second largest in Europe, this centre is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

In the 20st century Marbella was discovered by the rich and famous on earth. It is well known because of its beautiful marinas of which Puerto Banus is the most famous one. Marbella is surrounded by a huge number of golf courses. The old town of Marbella is compared to resorts like Torremolinos and Estepona yet pleasant, authentic Spanish. It has quaint squares, shopping streets and a remarkable number of terraces.

Here you find the caves of Nerja a historic landmark discovered by children playing. The wall drawings found evidence that the caves were inhabited already 20,000 years before Christ. In Nerja you also find the “Balkony of Europe”. The place is named  like this by King Alfonso XII in the year 1884 . Enjoy the beautiful view while eating a lovely ice cream. Furthermore you can visit the church El Salvador, the chapel La Ermita de Las Angustias, the impressive 19th century aqueduct, that has 4 floors and consists of 38 arches, designed by Francisco Cantarero.